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In person service is available to women clients only

None of our service is medical advice/care/treatment

Spinal Cleanse Aroma Treatment

(In person/Long distance)

It is an aroma treatmetment technique which can prompt healing body and mind. About 50 drops of therapeutic grade 9 different essential oils are applied to spine.

It is said negative concept, feelings from past and inessential toxins are build up in spine central. It can purifiy trauma and psycological issue, can excite DNA and cells and can prompt repairing emotional scars.

There can be functions physically to eliminate fungus pooled in organs and lymph system and can adjust hormonal balance.

I recommend it for individuals who want to be healed by aroma from essential oils and relax.

Golden Drop Aroma Treatment

(In person/Long distance)

The Golden Drop is initiation Rain Drop written in the bible. It is named because gold, the colour of the heaven, is added to aura when the treatment is made.

The Rain Drop functions body and mind. On the other hand, the Golden Drop does not only body and mind but also ether body and soul which encourages release and cleansing deeply.

Neuro Reset Aroma Treatment

(In person/Long distance)

Neuro Reset is an aroma treatment technique for neck and above.
It is to drop essential oils, touch occipital area and cervical spine very gently with a crystal wand. It passes energy through and can clear the clog in cervical spine.
Reflecting points in ears are treated and it can heal whole ears.
I recommend it for individuals who have disorder around neck to head, sleeping problems and stuffy head.

Aroma Harmonics®

(In person/Long distance)

Aroma Harmonics® is wave/ vibration healing using high quality true essential oils and a 528hz tuning folk. It helps harmony with family, surroundings and own self by high vibration essential oils and sound waves. 5 levels of harmony is tuned for happy, abundance and prosperity.

Lemurian Healing™

(Long distance Only)

Lemurian Healing is a modern name for an ancient approach to healing. Originating in the Goddess temples of Lemuria, this simple, gentle technique facilitates profound healing in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

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All prices are in Canadian dollars

Spinal Cleanse Aroma Treatment $120

Golden Drop Aroma Treatment $160

Neuro Reset $100

Aroma Harmonics® $100

Lemurian Healing™ $60

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